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The USS MERLIN serves as part of the 20th fleet and is nominally based in London, but it draws its membership from across the UK. It is delighted to have a special affinity to the USS Alba who are our support ship within STARFLEET International.

We are registered as a correspondence chapter, but run a two-shift system that actively supports face-to-face meetings as well as correspondence ones. All members are assigned to both shifts allowing everyone to take part in as many activities as they wish.

Avalon Shift is comprised of those members who are able to attend face-to-face meetings. These occur on a bi-monthly basis and the location and detail of the meeting is the responsibility of the shift commander. This role rotates across those members of the crew who want to host a meeting, and these meetings can take any form, from meeting for coffee and a chat, to a visit to the cinema, to attending a convention. AVALON SHIFT meetings are open to all crew members and any other member of SFI or anyone else with an interest in Star Trek and sci-fi.

Pendragon Shift is our online meetings and they also occur on a bi-monthly basis (four weeks after the AVALON shift meeting). Again the responsibility for organising the meeting lies with the shift commander, who will decide the format and style of the online meeting. These can be quizzes, discussion, interactive episode viewings, anything really!

Once every year there is a full crew meeting, designated Excalibur Shift. This is designed to be a face-to-face event that takes place during an event that the crew is attending. It is the intention of the founding crew that where possible this event should be the Region 20 Summit, with an alternative fan run event being chosen for alternate years. EXCALIBUR SHIFT meetings will be fun events! They could be as simple as a crew lunch during the event, or as elaborate as a formal crew muster.

In line with our SFI bio, we actively encourage our crew to be ambassadors in their local communities by taking part in activities that improve the lives of others. It is a deliberately vague description so that our crew are able to do what they feel they are best suited to do. Out motto also reflects our chapter's ethos: Per Consilium Uicforia which means ' through diplomacy, victory'.

SFI Back Story

The USS Merlin, NX-26513, is an Ambassador Class Diplomatic Courier working out of Starbase 20. Her primary mission is to serve as part of the Federation's Diplomatic Corps and as such, she carries a crew vastly experienced in Federation law and customs.

The Ambassador Class starship was developed at the Utopia Planatia Fleet Yards but constructed at a number of shipyards. The Merlin  heralded from the New Aberdeen Shipyards located at Aldebaran III (also known as Alpha Tauri) and launched on stardate 23785.28. Her first mission was to act as the flagship for Federation Ambassador T'Len of Vulcan on her mission to negotiate Federation membership with the Gebralli.

The mission unexpectedly gave the captain and crew of the USS Merlin a chance to prove their ability to act as a ship of the line when they were ambushed by Breen privateers en route to the Gebralli home world. It was the quick thinking of the XO, Commander Zig (a long time student of the tactics of Capt James T Kirk) who noticed that the enemy ship had a weakened deck plate near their sensor arrays. She ordered that a modified photon torpedo be fired, and this disabled both the sensor and weapons arrays. The Merlin, eager to add to the Federation's knowledge of the legendary Breen, locked on their tractor beam and transported a security team onto the Breen ship. The Breen, however, had no intention of surrendering their vessel or revealing their physical form; the CO had initiated the auto-destruct sequence. With seconds to spare, the XO realised this and recalled the Away Team, but not before downloading some essential files from the Breen ship's computers. The Merlin made a hasty retreat, ensuring the safety of the Merlin and the ambassador, but sadly, all hands were lost on the Breen vessel.

Upon their return to Sol, Ambassador T'Len (who was still delivered on time for her conference on Gebralli) commended the crew or working so efficiently during the incident. High praise indeed from a Vulcan Ambassador. The CO, Commodore Richard Sams, then successfully petitioned STARFLEET Command for an upgrade to the defensive capabilities of his ship, arguing that if they were to continue supporting high ranking federation officials, they must have the capability to defend themselves if necessary. 

In recognition of her quick thinking, the XO, CDR Zig was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valour at a specially convened session of the Federation Council. The medal was presented by Ambassador T'Len.

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